University of Waterloo Capture The Flag (CTF) Club

Who we are

The University of Waterloo Capture the Flag (CTF) Club provides a competitive, comfortable, and challenging space for those wishing to test their computer science and penetration testing skills and knowledge. We host competitions and workshops, and team up to participate in CTFs hosted by other organizations.

What are CTFs?

CTF competitions are a set of online challenges that are created to determine participant mastery of various tools, algorithms, and information. Participant abilities are determined by whether they are able to retrieve specific information, known as flags, from the challenge presented.

Can I participate?

Of course! Even though some experience is always beneficial, everyone has to start somewhere, so we welcome beginners with 0 experience. You just need a laptop.

If you're interested, join us on our Discord server and subscribe to our mailing list. Don't worry, we don't spam. In fact, we haven't sent out a single email yet.

Our policies

Be nice!
That's our only policy. This covers the following:

  • Be nice to people. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Respect people's property, whether physical or virtual. Do not harass anyone in any way.
  • Be nice to computers. Do not misuse or abuse any software, hardware, services or anything else. Do not hack anything not specifically intended for you to hack. Do not (D)DoS anything, or otherwise prevent others from participating.
  • Follow the rules. Follow any rules set out in our Discord server. Follow any rules and laws set out by contest organizers and governments.

Upcoming Contest

We will be hosting an upcoming contest soon. Join our Discord server for more information!

Contact Us

You can reach us at ctfclub@uwaterloo.ca, or on our social media: